Fruit Belt, Buffalo, New York

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The Fruit Belt is a residential neighborhood in Buffalo, New York.[1] It is located adjacent to the Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus. Now sometimes referred to by the more upscale name of Medical Park Neighborhood, especially officially[2]


The Fruit Belt is located within the East Side of Buffalo. The neighborhood is centered along High Street running West-East and Jefferson Avenue running North-South. Its eastern boundary is enclosed by the Kensington Expressway. Michigan Avenue serves as is Western Boundary that separates the Fruit Belt from the Medical Campus.


The Fruit Belt gets its name from the naming of its side streets, nearly all of which are named after a fruit (i.e. "Grape Street", Mulberry Street, etc.) For years, the neighborhood was infamous for gang violence and crime, but has seen investment from outside groups in recent years due to the Medical Campus.

Notable sites[edit]