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Fuad Gasimzade is an Azerbaijani philosopher and academician. His main area of research area was Azerbaijani philosophic public opinion, social philosophy, ontology, epistemology and aesthetics.[1]

His doctoral thesis was titled "Fizuli’s outlook”. His monograph "Caravan of sorrow" or "Light in the darkness” was printed in 1968. He wrote more than 20 scientific articles about Fizuli.[2]

Fuad Gasimzade wrote the book titled “Sport, beauty and aesthetics”. It was printed in 1970.[3]

Scientific publications[edit]

  1. "Caravan of Grief, or light in the dark".1968
  2. "Sport, beauty and esthetic ". 1970
  3. "Dialectical materialism".1971
  4. "Two phenomena and islam".2000
  5. "The views of Qudsi".2000-2001


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