Rebel Armed Forces

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Rebel Armed Forces
Fuerzas Armadas Rebeldes
Participant in Guatemalan Civil War
Flag of the Rebel Armed Forces.svg
FAR Flag
Active 1960-1971
Ideology unknown
Leaders Luis Augusto Turcios Lima (Until 1966)
Area of operations Guatemala
Strength unknown
Part of URNG
Originated as MR-13
Allies EGP
Cuba (Support)
Soviet Union (Until 1991),
Nicaragua (1979-1990)
Opponents Guatemala
United States (Support)
Israel (Support)
Taiwan (Support)
Chile (Support)
Argentina (Support)
South Africa (Support)
Battles and wars Guatemalan Civil War

The Rebel Armed Forces (Spanish: Fuerzas Armadas Rebeldes, FAR) was a Guatemalan guerrilla organization established in 1961 and lasting until the peace agreements in 1996.

FAR is most significantly known for having killed the U.S. ambassador to Guatemala, John Gordon Mein, in 1968. Also killed that year were two U.S. military advisers, colonel John Webber and Ernest Munro, although they might been killed at the command of PGT leader Leonardo Castillo Johnson.

In 1970, the group briefly kidnapped Guatemala's foreign minister Alberto Fuentes Mohr, but freed him in exchange for the release of a student leader. Karl von Spreti, German ambassador to Guatemala, was kidnapped and murdered by the FAR as well in that year. Further actions that year included the kidnapping of U.S. labour attaché Sean Holly, he was freed for the release of FAR prisoners.

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