Fujiwara no Anshi

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Fujiwara no Anshi (927–964) was an Empress consort of Japan. She was the consort of Emperor Murakami of Japan.

She was the daughter of Fujiwara no Morosuke (藤原師輔)


  • Imperial Princess Shōshi (承子内親王) (948–951)
  • Imperial Prince Norihira (憲平親王) (950–1011) (2nd son) (Emperor Reizei)
  • Imperial Prince Tamehira (為平親王) (952–1010)
  • Imperial Princess Sukeko (輔子内親王) (953–992) (7th daughter), 32nd Saiō in Ise Shrine 968–969
  • Imperial Princess Shishi (資子内親王) (955–1015) (9th daughter)
  • Imperial Prince Morihira (守平親王) (959–991) (Emperor En'yu)
  • Imperial Princess Senshi (選子内親王) (964–1035) (10th daughter), 16th Saiin in Kamo Shrine 975–1031



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Japanese royalty
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Fujiwara no Onshi
Empress consort of Japan
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Princess Masako (Reizei)