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Fujiwara no Tamekane (藤原為兼 Fujiwara Tamekane?, 1254–1332),[1] also known as Kyōgoku Tamekane (京極為兼?),[2] was a poet, an official in the Imperial court of Emperor Fushimi, and a senior bureaucrat of the Kamakura shogunate.

Tamekane was the grandson of poet Fujiwara no Tameie.[3]

In the Imperial Daijō-kan, he rose to the rank of Chūnagon[4] and Dainagon.[5]

In 1298, he was banished to Sado Island.[4] Later, this exile was modified to banishment in Tosa province.[3]

Selected works[edit]

In a statistical overview derived from writings by and about Kyōgoku Tamekane, OCLC/WorldCat encompasses roughly 10+ works in 30+ publications in 2 languages and 400+ library holdings.[6]

  • 玉葉和歌集 (1647)
  • 訳注為兼卿和哥抄 (1963)
  • 為兼・為相等書狀並案 (1988)

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