Fujiwara no Teishi

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Fujiwara no Teishi
Empress consort of Japan
Spouse Emperor Ichijō of Japan
House House of Yamato
Father Fujiwara no Michitaka
Mother Takashina no Kishi
Born 977
Died January 13, 1001

Fujiwara no Teishi (藤原 定子?, 977 – January 13, 1001) was an empress consort of the Japanese Emperor Ichijō. She appears in the literary classic The Pillow Book written by her court lady Sei Shōnagon.

She was the first daughter of Fujiwara no Michitaka (藤原道隆).


  • Imperial Princess Shushi (脩子内親王) (997–1049)
  • Imperial Prince Atsuyasu (敦康親王) (999–1019)
  • Imperial Princess Bishi (1001–1008)



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Japanese royalty
Preceded by
Fujiwara no Junshi
Empress consort of Japan
Succeeded by
Empress Shōshi