Fujiwara no Yasuhira

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In this Japanese name, the family name is "Fujiwara".

Fujiwara no Yasuhira (藤原 泰衡?, 1155 – October 14, 1189) was the fourth ruler of Northern Fujiwara in Mutsu Province, Japan, the second son of Hidehira. Against his father's will, he first hid Yoshitsune in escape but later killed him, fearing the possibility of Yoritomo's intervention. In 1189 he was defeated by Yoritomo's forces and was subsequently beheaded, an event that marked the end of the Northern Fujiwara.

A casket purportedly containing the head of Fujiwara no Yasuhira is housed within the Konjiki-dō at Chūson-ji in Iwate Prefecture.

Preceded by
Fujiwara no Hidehira
Northern Fujiwara family head
Succeeded by
Clan destroyed