Fukagawa, Tokyo

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Fukagawa (深川?) is a region in Kōtō ward of Tokyo metropolis, Japan. It is one of the representative shitamachi of Tokyo. Formerly, it was a ward of the historical Tokyo City.The name derived from a village Fukagawa Mura named by Fukagawa Hachirouzaemon who reclaimed the area in 1956. Old Fukagawa area in Koto City is currently included Fukagawa area also. Fukagawa area has Fukagawa Edo Museum the historical museum of Edo era. There is a famous traditional dish Fukagawa Meshi rice with little-neck clam. Its postal code is 135-0033.

Coordinates: 35°40′37″N 139°47′49″E / 35.67694°N 139.79694°E / 35.67694; 139.79694