Fukaya, Saitama

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Flag of Fukaya
Location of Fukaya in Saitama Prefecture
Location of Fukaya in Saitama Prefecture
Fukaya is located in Japan
Location in Japan
Coordinates: 36°12′N 139°17′E / 36.200°N 139.283°E / 36.200; 139.283Coordinates: 36°12′N 139°17′E / 36.200°N 139.283°E / 36.200; 139.283
Country Japan
Region Kantō
Prefecture Saitama Prefecture
 • Mayor Susumu Kojima (since February 2010)
 • Total 137.58 km2 (53.12 sq mi)
Population (May 1, 2011)
 • Total 147,505
 • Density 1,072.14/km2 (2,776.8/sq mi)
Time zone Japan Standard Time (UTC+9)
- Tree Camellia
- Flower Tulip
Address 11-1 Nakamachi, Fukaya-shi, Saitama-ken
Phone number 048-571-1211
Website City of Fukaya

Fukaya (深谷市 Fukaya-shi?) is a city located in northern Saitama Prefecture, Japan. In the Edo era, it was an inn-town on the Nakasendō (中山道), and grew during this period. It is in the prefecture's leading agricultural area, and claims to be the largest producer of welsh onions or negi (ネギ?) in Japan.[citation needed] Fukaya-negi are famous. Shibusawa Eiichi, the founder of the first national bank in Japan, was born here. Akagi Nyugyo is a large ice cream company based in Fukaya. They make the famous Gari-Gari-kun ice-pop that tastes like soda, or other flavors. Takinomiya Jinja is a large Shinto shrine in Fukaya. The city was founded on January 1, 1955.

As of 2006, the city has an estimated population of 147,915 and a population density of 1,075 persons per km². The total area is 137.58 km².

On January 1, 2006, the towns of Hanazono, Kawamoto and Okabe (all from Ōsato District) were merged into Fukaya.


Sister cities[edit]

Fukaya has three sister cities:



Senior high schools[edit]

  • Prefectural Fukaya Senior High School (埼玉県立深谷高等学校)
  • Prefectural Fukaya Commercial Senior High School (埼玉県立深谷商業高等学校)
  • Prefectural Fukaya Daiichi Senior High School (埼玉県立深谷第一高等学校)
  • Prefectural Kawamoto Senior High School (Closed in March, 2010) (埼玉県立川本高等学校 (閉校))
  • Private Shouchi Fukaya Senior High School (私立正智深谷高等学校)
  • Private Tokyo Seitoku University Fukaya Senior High School (私立東京成徳大学深谷高等学校)

Junior high schools[edit]

  • Municipal Fukaya Junior High School (市立深谷中学校)
  • Municipal Kamishiba Junior High School (市立上柴中学校)
  • Municipal Fujisawa Junior High School (市立藤沢中学校)
  • Municipal Hatara Junior High School (市立幡羅中学校)
  • Municipal Aketo Junior High School (市立明戸中学校)
  • Municipal Toyosato Junior High School (市立豊里中学校)
  • Municipal Okabe Junior High School (市立岡部中学校)
  • Municipal Hanazono Junior High School (市立花園中学校)
  • Municipal Kawamoto Junior High School (市立川本中学校)
  • Municipal Minami Junior High School (市立南中学校)

Elementary schools[edit]

  • Municipal Fukaya Elementary School (市立深谷小学校)
  • Municipal Fukaya West Elementary School (市立深谷西小学校)
  • Municipal Kamishiba East Elementary School (市立上柴東小学校)
  • Municipal Kamishiba West Elementary School (市立上柴西小学校)
  • Municipal Sakuragaoka Elementary School (市立桜ヶ丘小学校)
  • Municipal Fujisawa Elementary School (市立藤沢小学校)
  • Municipal Hatara Elementary School (市立幡羅小学校)
  • Municipal Tokiwa Elementary School (市立常盤小学校)
  • Municipal Ōyori Elementary School (市立大寄小学校)
  • Municipal Aketo Elementary School (市立明戸小学校)
  • Municipal Toyosato Elementary School (市立豊里小学校)
  • Municipal Yatsumoto Elementary School (市立八基小学校)
  • Municipal Okabe Elementary School (市立岡部小学校)
  • Municipal Okabe West Elementary School (市立岡部西小学校)
  • Municipal Hanzawa Elementary School (市立榛沢小学校)
  • Municipal Hongō Elementary School (市立本郷小学校)
  • Municipal Hanazono Elementary School (市立花園小学校)
  • Municipal Kawamoto North Elementary School (市立川本北小学校)
  • Municipal Kawamoto South Elementary School (市立川本南小学校)

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