Fukuoka Sanix Blues

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Fukuoka Sanix Blues
Fukuoka Sanix Blues Logo.png
Full name Fukuoka Sanix Blues
Union Japan Rugby Football Union
Nickname(s) Blues
Founded 1994
Location Munakata, Fukuoka, Japan
Ground(s) Sanix Genkai Ground
Coach(es) Yuichiro Fujii
1st kit
2nd kit

Fukuoka Sanix Blues (福岡サニックスブルース Fukuoka Sanikkusu Burūsu?), formerly Fukuoka Sanix Bombs, is a Japanese rugby union team based in Munakata, Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan. Founded in April 1994 (Heisei 6), the team rose rapidly through the Kyūshū leagues and was in the Top League for the first season (2003-4) as Kyūshū's sole representative, but lost a relegation battle with Kintetsu Liners 42-45 and was demoted. But Sanix managed to return to the Top League for the 2005-6 season, beating Secom Rugguts and Toyota Jido Shokki in the Top League Challenge Series 2005.

There are now (2007) two other teams from Kyūshū in the Top League: newcomer Kyuden Voltex and Coca Cola West Red Sparks.

2014–15 Squad[edit]

Andrew Everingham Former NRL Player Signed For The Fukuoka Sanix Blues In 2013.

Note: Flags indicate national union as has been defined under IRB eligibility rules. Players may hold more than one non-IRB nationality.

Player Position Union
Masataka Matsuzono Hooker Japan Japan
Masatsugu Kakogawa Hooker Japan Japan
Yasutake Nagashita Hooker Japan Japan
Shin Dong Won Prop South Korea Korea
Akinobu Yamagiwa Prop Japan Japan
Takahiro Sugiura Prop Japan Japan
Shinsuke Okada Prop Japan Japan
Hajime Date Lock Japan Japan
Tadayoshi Watanabe Lock Japan Japan
Taro Akita Lock Japan Japan
Brad Thorn Lock New Zealand New Zealand
Masahiro Oba Flanker Japan Japan
Yu Kanto Flanker Japan Japan
Hare Makiri Flanker Japan Japan
Keizo Nishiura Flanker Japan Japan
Tafai Ioasa Number 8 New Zealand New Zealand
Kaname Kishibata Number 8 Japan Japan
Player Position Union
Takahisa Yabumoto Scrum-half Japan Japan
Shunsuke Amamoto Scrum-half Japan Japan
Sadaomi Kanagawa Fly-half Japan Japan
Kosei Ono Fly-half Japan Japan
Hiroshi Tashiro Fly-half Japan Japan
Amasio Valence Centre New Zealand New Zealand
Choi Kijoon Centre South Korea Korea
Shusaku Hamazato Centre Japan Japan
Gaku Yamashita Centre Japan Japan
Pila Fifita Centre Tonga Tonga
Terumitsu Oba Wing Japan Japan
Kengo Nagadome Wing Japan Japan
Kade Poki Wing New Zealand New Zealand
Asahi Fujiwara Wing Japan Japan
Tsuyoshi Suga Wing Japan Japan
Shinya Nagaike Wing Japan Japan
Caleb Ralph Wing New Zealand New Zealand
Andrew Everingham Wing Australia Australia
Ryuji Koga Fullback Japan Japan
Terumasa Sonoda Fullback Japan Japan


Sanix v Kyuden at Global Arena, Top League Round 11, January 20, 2008.

Former players[edit]

Home Ground[edit]

  • Global Arena (The Sanix company is involved in the running of the Global Arena in Munakata, which is also the venue for the annual Sanix World Rugby Youth Tournament held in May between eight top Japanese and eight top foreign high school teams from various countries.)
  • Sanix Genkai Ground, Kamiminato, Munakata city, Fukuoka prefecture


  • The former mascots's name was Bombee. He was a cartoon-style dog with floppy ears who wore the Sanix rugby kit and a scrum cap. He was no longer used when the team name changed from Bombs to Blues.

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