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Fuldaer Zeitung
Titel Fulda.jpg
Founder(s) Johannes Parzeller
Publisher Parzeller Verlag
Editor Dr. Thomas Schmitt
Editor-in-chief Michael Tillmann
Circulation 51,000 (2012)
Official website fuldaerzeitung.de

The Fuldaer Zeitung is a regional German daily newspaper for the city of Fulda and its region, the east of Hesse, published since 1 January 1874. As of 2012, with its regional subsidiaries (Kinzigtal-Nachrichten, Hünfelder Zeitung, and Schlitzer Bote) it has a total circulation of over 51,000.[1]

The newspaper was founded by Johannes Parzeller, owner of the Fulda printing and publishing company Parzeller Verlag. The paper employs some 150 people, and also publishes the magazine of the local historical society, the Fuldaer Geschichtsblätter.


The first copy appeared on 1 January 1874, printed in what was then called the Fuldaer Actiendruckerei. Around 1000 subscriptions to the Catholic-oriented paper, which appeared three times a week (five years later it was published daily).

In 1929 the paper warned its readers of the dangers of Nazi ideology: "The national socialism of the Hitler party, the overestimation of nationalism, the belief in violence and power can never agree with Catholic doctrine. The antisemitic tendencies and the injunctions toward violence hurt more than just Catholic convictions about state and society, but also the ten commandments, which apply to all humanity."

In 1933 was barred from publication for four days on the allegation that it had published a call from Catholic organizations critical of the government. The editorial and printing rooms were destroyed by SA and SS members on 10 December 1933. From 1935 to 1945 it was censored.


Name Dates
Joseph Pauly 1874–1877
Dr. Johann Wilhelm Arenhold 1877–1883
Armin Kraussen 1883–1885
Ludwig Deibel 1885–1895
Joseph Braun 1895–1907
Karl Schütte 1907–1921
Dr. Johannes Kramer 1921–1933
Dr. Karl Austermann 1933–1934
Alfred Maria Ott 1934–1935
Justus Meinardi 1935–1945
Dr. Josef-Hans Sauer 1951–1969
Dr. Stefan Schnell 1969–1981
Hermann-Joseph Konze 1981–1995
Uwe-Bernd Herchen 1995–2000
Dr. Hermann-Josef Seggewiß 2000–2011
Michael Tillmann seit 2011


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