Full City oil spill

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Full City oil spill
Full City.jpg
Full City aground on the island of Saastein / Såstein
Coordinates 58°58′15″N 9°42′38″E / 58.970833°N 9.710556°E / 58.970833; 9.710556Coordinates: 58°58′15″N 9°42′38″E / 58.970833°N 9.710556°E / 58.970833; 9.710556
Date 31 July 2009
Cause Full City anchor slipped and got lost, and vessel crew failed to start the main engine during a storm and subsequently the vessel ran aground on Lille Såstein Bird Sanctuary
Operator COSCO (H.K.) Shipping Co. Ltd.
Spill characteristics
Volume 700,000 kg
Shoreline impacted 150 km (93 mi)
Såstein is the island to the left of the text Rognsfjorden

The Full City oil spill is a major fuel oil spill incident on 31 July 2009 when the Panama-registered, bulk carrier Full City operated by COSCO (H.K.) Shipping Co. Ltd. ran aground on the island of Såstein / Saastein south of Langesund, Telemark, Norway spilling 700,000 kg of IFO-380 heavy fuel oil.[1]

As of April 2010 the ship was in Gothenburg for repairs in drydock.[2]

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