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Fullspot Logo.jpg
Product type Watches / Clothing Accessories
Country Italy
Introduced 2009
Website www.fullspot.it

Fullspot is an Italian fashion brand of watches and accessories.


Fullspot was founded in 2009 and its products were first exhibited at the Milan International Exhibition in 2010. Fullspot can be found in over 50 countries worldwide. After releasing the O clock, Fullspot released a pocket watch, the O chive and a range of bags, the O bag.[1] They opened their first branded store in 2011 in Venice.

Source of the 'O'[edit]

Every product made by Fullspot to date has had an 'O' in front of the product. This comes from the first of Fullspot's products which was named the 'O Clock' much like the usual way of expressing the time in English. The company kept the 'O' as a way of identifying its products much like the 'i' in Apple products.


Fullspot developed the O clock in 2010, a watch with a silicone strap and interchangeable faces. The original face of the watch, now called 'O clock Classic' consisted of a plain white face without numbers. The face can be removed from the strap allowing the colour of the strap or face to be changed. There were originally 15 straps[2] but this has grown to 29 which are still in production. Fullspot’s watch packaging takes inspiration from the tin can, a cylindrical tin with a ring pull. O clock developed into a series with the Tone on Tone range consisting of 21 watch face colours to mix and match with 21 straps making a total of 441 possible combinations with Tone on Tone.[1] Other O clock ranges include Camouflage, 80’ clock, Disney, Gold & Silver, Mirror, Numbers, Flower Power and Safari.[1][3]

In 2011 Fullspot released a pocket watch calling it the O chive. This maintains the minimalist design of the O clock range with a plain white face and the inclusion of a seconds hand. The O chive is made of soft touch plastic shell and a white matt varnished metal chain and clip. There were originally 10 colours [4] but the three 80' clock colours were added bringing the total to 13. The plastic shell can be removed and replaced with another colour much like the O clock faces. The packaging is based on a shoe polish container.[4]

In 2012 Fullspot released the O bag, which is fully customisable much like Fullspot's previous products. The O bag is made from an elastomeric foam which comes in 20 different colours,[1] most of which derive from the O clock colour range. The bag's handles and interior can be customised with a variety of materials and colours.[5]

Fullspot's O clock Tone on Tone range

Special Editions[edit]

Fullspot collaborated with Disney developing a range of watch faces with some of Disney’s most famous characters.[5]

Fullspot Market[edit]

Fullspot’s branded shops are called Fullspot Markets and since the opening of the first branded shop in Venice there are now shops in Naples, Milan, Perugia, Barcelona, Oviedo (Spain), Biarritz,Saint-Jean de Luz, Cannes (France) and in Phuket the first non-European Fullspot shop.


Fullspot O clock Classic Face
Fullspot O chive
Fullspot O bag
Fullspot Market, Milan


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