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The Astroglide slide or also known as Frederiksen's Fun Slide or Cascade slide is an amusement ride that is popular with young children. People walk up the stairs to get to the top of this slide along with a mat, place the mat on the slide, and sit down on the mat. They then slide down it.

There are many types of this: State Fair 5 lane, 90 foot 3/4 lane, and the 65 foot 3/4 lane. The ride sometimes says Fun Slide in lights at the very top of the slide. The ride can be made faster using a beeswax polish or can be slowed using a sticky sugar based soda. At the bottom of the ride there is coconut matting this brings the riders to a safe stop and can be from 3 to 5 metres in length. This matting is the same as used in houses as a door mat for cleaning shoes.[citation needed]

Although in the UK they are in a lot of static parks there are only 5 mobile ones now as they have been replaced by the inflatable slide as there is less work and cheaper to run.[citation needed]

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State fairs[edit]

Many state fairs might have larger Fun Slides. In fact, some large slides at state fairs have 12 or more lanes. Thus, they are much bigger than the "Fun Slide".[citation needed]