Funeral Mountains

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Funeral Mountains
Pyramid Peak from Ash Meadows 1.jpg
Pyramid Peak seen from Ash Meadows in Nevada
Highest point
Elevation 2,043 m (6,703 ft)
Funeral Mountains is located in California
Funeral Mountains
Location of Funeral Mountains in California [1]
Country United States
State California
District Inyo County
Range coordinates 36°23′30″N 116°36′43″W / 36.3917°N 116.6119°W / 36.3917; -116.6119Coordinates: 36°23′30″N 116°36′43″W / 36.3917°N 116.6119°W / 36.3917; -116.6119
Topo map USGS East of Echo Canyon

The Funeral Mountains are a short, arid mountain range in the United States along the California-Nevada border approximately 100 mi (160 km) west of Las Vegas. The mountains are considered a subrange of the Amargosa Range that form the eastern wall of Death Valley.

The crest of the range is within Death Valley National Park. The range is separated from the Grapevine Mountains to the northwest by the narrow Boundary Canyon[2] and is separated from the Black Mountains by Furnace Creek Wash on the southwest and from the Greenwater Range at the narrow Travertine Point on the south.[3] The broad flats of the Amargosa Desert lie across the border to the northeast in Nevada.[2] The highest point in the range is Pyramid Peak, at 6703 ft (2043 m).[4][5]

The first movement of Ferde Grofe's Death Valley Suite is a symphonic musical portrayal of pioneer settlers drudging through the dry craggy peaks of the Funeral Mountains.

Death Valley
The winding road from Dante's View descends into the Funeral Mountains, Death Valley National Park.


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