Funny Things Happen Down Under

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Funny Things Happen Down Under
Directed by Joe McCormick
Produced by Roger Mirams
Written by John Sherman
Starring Olivia Newton-John
Bruce Barry
Ian Turpie
Susanne Haworth
Music by Horris Dargie
Cinematography Roger Mirams
Edited by Lindsay Parker
Raymond Daley
Release dates
August 1965 (NZ)
December 1966 (Australia)
Running time
61 minutes
Country Australia
Language English

Funny Things Happen Down Under is a 1965 Australian musical/family film directed by Joe McCormick. It stars Olivia Newton-John, Ian Turpie and Howard Morrison, and is best remembered today for being Newton-John's first film.


The film centres around a barn that is used by a group of children as a meeting place for singing practice. When the owner of the property comes into financial difficulty and considers selling the barn, one of the children comes up with an idea to raise money. The children dye sheep on his property and market the coloured wool as a naturally occurring phenomenon.

The coloured wool soon becomes sought by buyers all over the world. However, when the coloured wool runs thin, the owner is still in danger of losing his barn. Two station hands sympathetic to the plight of the children decide to help by winning the remaining money in a sheep shearing contest.



The film was a spin-off of the Terrible Ten TV series. It was shot entirely in Victoria, on location near Melbourne and in the studio of Pacific Films.

Olivia Newton-John and Ian Turpie were dating during filming.[2]

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