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Furniture Today
Editor-in-Chief Ray Allegrezza (as of 2012)
Categories Trade publication (furniture industry)
Company Progressive Business Media
Country United States
Based in Greensboro, North Carolina
Language English
ISSN 0194-360x
OCLC number 60626274

Furniture Today (stylized as Furniture/Today, ISSN 0194-360x, USPS 330-630[1]) is an American magazine published by Progressive Business Media, which is a daughter company of FT Media Holdings, about the furniture industry. Its offices are in Greensboro, North Carolina.[2]

Circulation and management[edit]

In 2006, it had a circulation of 20,682. The 2006 Marketers Resource Guide wrote that the magazine, then owned by Reed Business Information, "remains a powerful force in the furniture manufacturing industry."[3]

The magazine is an industry publication. As of 2012, Ray Allegrezza was the editor in chief.[4]

Sister publication[edit]

The sister publication Kids Today focuses on furniture for children and youth.[5]

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