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Furoos, Phuroos
S.I. High School & Junior College, Furus
S.I. High School & Junior College, Furus
Furus is located in Maharashtra
Location in Maharashtra, India
Coordinates: 17°42′N 73°21′E / 17.70°N 73.35°E / 17.70; 73.35Coordinates: 17°42′N 73°21′E / 17.70°N 73.35°E / 17.70; 73.35
Country  India
State Maharashtra
District Ratnagiri
 • Body Gram Panchayat
 • Sarpanch Mrs. Suvarna Umesh Ghanekar(2012)
Population (2010)
 • Total 5,600
 • Official Konkani, Marathi, Urdu, Hindi, English
Time zone IST (UTC+5:30)
PIN 415710
Telephone code 02356
Literacy 85%
Climate humid (Köppen)
Website www.furus.in

Furus (Marathi: फुरूस)is a village in the Ratnagiri district of India.[1] It is mainly populated by Konkani Muslims. Furus is believed to be named by Persians who came here to trade in horses (horse: فارسی Persian). The main language spoken in Furus is Kokni (not to be confused with Goan Konkani), a blend of Bankoti, Sangameshwari and Marathi infused with words of Arabic, Urdu and Persian origin.


Kokni Muslims trace their ancestry back to the Arab traders who arrived on the Western coast of India during the medieval era and Persians.
Muslims first arrived in Konkan in 699, according to Jalal al-Din al-Suyuti, less than 70 years after the death of Prophet Muhammad in 632.


Furus is on State Highway SH104 between Khed and Dapoli. The nearest Railway Station is Khed which is 12 km away. 17 km. from Dapoli. Furus is situated beside the banks of a nameless petite tributary and is surrounded on all sides by low hills. It rains in plethora during Monsoon season. The temperature in Furus varies between 20 to 35 degrees. Ratnagiri District can be physically divided into 3 zones viz. Coastal, Middle and Hilly. Furus falls under Middle Zone. Middle zone is characterized by a medium altitude. It is more accessible due to the Bombay–Goa Highway as well as the Konkan railway.

Furus During Monsoon


Furus consists of 7 sub-villages and over 1200 homes with a population of nearly 5600. The main religions here are Islam, Hinduism and Buddhism. The Muslim community consists of 7 Sub Jamaats also called as Mohallas. They are

  • Choughan (चौगन) mohalla
  • Fanaswad (फणसवाड)
  • Tahtani (तहतानी) mohalla
  • Tekdi (टेकडी) mohalla and
  • Aathvi (आठवी) mohalla
  • Navanagar mohalla
  • Falsonda

Educational facilities[edit]

Furus was one of the first townships in the area to have a high school. S.I. High School & Junior College of Science, Furus was founded by Ex-MLA Mr. W. A. Parkar under a government initiative in 1938 (pre-independence time) School was in English Medium named Anglo Vernacular High School and is still functional. Another school is the Ideal English School, Furus.

Siraj ul Islam Junior College of Science
Siraj ul Islam Educational Campus


  • Katalwadi - This is the easternmost enclave of Furus, where the Patoli river flows
  • Khailyawaii - The old part of town, it has Jama Masjid, Furus and a Dargah of Sayyed Khwaja Qabullah Hussaini Chishti located near the river
  • Buddhawadi - where the Buddhist community resides. It accommodates a government hospital.
  • Phanaswadi- is also called Gaothan
  • Mushafari - it is the westernmost enclave of Furus
  • Gavanachamaal - It is the highest location in Furus
  • Belavne - The major educational institutions i.e. S.I. secondary school & Jr college of science and Ideal English school & Jr college of commerce have their campus here. It has an Arabic Madrasa too.
Furusian Alphonso
  • Falsonda - It is a locality where migrants from nearby Tise and Bankot live here
  • Navanagar- Formerly known as Telwadi, this is the part where fishermen, cattle rearers etc. live
  • Patilwadi and Sutarwadi - Nonmuslim communities composed mostly of skilled carpenters and masons live here.
  • Chougulewadi, Pawarwadi & Bhuleshwarwadi - This is the colony of barber communities, peasants, tenant farmers and labourers

Solace Park is being developed by one Pune-based builder which is approx 3 km from Katalwadi. Villas, a mall and hilltop hotel will be built and 3 Guntha Na plots are for sale. Site office has been constructed and a few plots are ready for sale. Access road has been developed and awaiting tar work/asphalt work.


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