Furys Ferry Bridge

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Furys Ferry Bridge
Carries SC 28 and SR 28
Crosses Savannah River
Locale South CarolinaGeorgia state line northwest of Martinez
Maintained by GDOT
ID number 558616
Design Steel continuous
Material Stringer/Multi-beam or Girder
Total length 573.3 metres (1,881 ft)
Width 13.4 metres (44 ft)
Number of spans 6 (in main structure); 51 (in approach)
Vertical clearance 5.2 metres (17 ft)
Construction end 1929 (1929)
Daily traffic 3900
Coordinates 33°35′34.00″N 82°07′24.00″W / 33.5927778°N 82.1233333°W / 33.5927778; -82.1233333Coordinates: 33°35′34.00″N 82°07′24.00″W / 33.5927778°N 82.1233333°W / 33.5927778; -82.1233333
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The Furys Ferry Bridge is a bridge over the Savannah River along the McCormickColumbia county line northwest of Martinez, along the South CarolinaGeorgia state line. It carries South Carolina Highway 28 and SR 28, both of which are known as Furys Ferry Road.



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