Fuse (chocolate bar)

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Product type Confectionery
Owner Cadbury
Country United Kingdom
Introduced 1996
Discontinued 2006
Related brands List of Cadbury products

Fuse was a brand of chocolate bar manufactured by Cadbury in the United Kingdom. The product was unusual for being a solid bar of chocolate containing suspended within it nuts, raisins, crisp cereal and fudge pieces[1] rather than having these ingredients simply coated with chocolate.

The bar tested very well in research, with 82% rating it as excellent or very good and 83% proposing to purchase it regularly.[1]

Fuse was the subject of a large marketing campaign leading to a national rollout of the product on "FuseDay" - Tuesday 24 September 1996.[2]

The unusually large marketing campaign was the subject of a documentary by TV Choice Ltd - The Marketing Mix at Cadbury's (1998).[3]

Forty million Fuse bars were sold in the first week of release.[2] The brand was discontinued in 2006.[4]

As of early 2010, there are various campaigns in progress to see its return to the shelves.[5][6]


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