Fusion (Star Trek: Enterprise)

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Star Trek: Enterprise episode
Episode no. Season 1
Episode 17
Directed by Rob Hedden
Teleplay by Phyllis Strong
Mike Sussman
Story by Rick Berman
Brannon Braga
Produced by Dawn Valazquez
Featured music David Bell
Production code 117
Original air date February 27, 2002 (2002-02-27)
Guest actors
Episode chronology
← Previous
"Shuttlepod One"
Next →
"Rogue Planet"
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"Fusion" is the seventeenth episode (production #117) of the television series Star Trek: Enterprise.

A group of atypical Vulcans visiting Enterprise subject T'Pol to uncomfortable new ideas.


The Enterprise is near the Arachnid Nebula when it is hailed by Tavin, the Captain of the Vulcan vessel Vahklas. Tavin says that he and his crew are civilians, and they are in need of repair. Onboard Enterprise Tarvin says that they left Vulcan eight years previously, and their mission is to explore themselves rather than the galaxy. T'Pol identifies them as V'tosh ka'tur, Vulcans without logic. Captain Archer reports that the repairs will take up to four days and that they will use that time to explore the nebula.

In the Ready Room, Archer observes that T'Pol has been avoiding the Vulcans. Archer encourages T'Pol to keep an open mind. In the Mess Hall, T'Pol is joined by Tolaris, who asks how long T'Pol has lived among humans. She spent two years at the Vulcan Consulate on Earth and has spent seven months on the Enterprise. He comments that she has been affected by human society in more ways than she realizes.

The two ships approach the nebula. T'Pol reports that a full charting mission would take several weeks. However Vahklas has translinear sensors that would cut the time down significantly. On board the Vahklas, T'Pol expresses curiosity that the Vulcans display the likeness of Surak but reject his teachings. Tolaris has no regrets in giving up a life of logic and reason, and asks T'Pol not to meditate that night and to experience her dreams. In the Mess Hall, Trip and Reed are astonished at the Pon Farr occurring every seven years. On the Bridge, Ensign Sato receives a hail from Admiral Forrest who passes on a request that Kov's father is now dying. Kov asks that a message be sent back through the Enterprise, "Tell him that we said goodbye a long time ago."

Later, T'Pol dreams - she is venturing into San Francisco for an evening, her Vulcan nature disguised. The memories then blur with thoughts of Tolaris acting provocatively towards her. She awakes and visits Dr. Phlox, who tells her that it would be unwise to continue exploring her emotions. Later, Tolaris asks T'Pol what her dreams were like, and in T'Pol's quarters, he tells her about the Mind Meld, a technique abandoned by Vulcans centuries ago. When she tries to end the meld Tolaris forces her to continue, until finally she forces him away.

Archer later summons Tolaris to his Ready Room. He tells Tolaris that T'Pol is now in Sickbay. Tolaris enters a fit of rage, forcing Archer to have the Vulcans leave the Enterprise. Kov sees Trip at the airlock and thanks Trip for his help before departing. Later T'Pol is meditating in her quarters when Archer tells her that the Vulcan ship has departed. As he turns to leave, T'Pol asks Archer if he enjoys dreaming. T'Pol replies that she envies him before wishing him goodnight.

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