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Fusion is a Christian charity that serves, supports and resources students in the United Kingdom and United States. It works across all denominations to develop joined up thinking and action for Christian mission by and among students. Structures and local arrangements vary, but in the US Fusion primarily uses small groups or ‘cells’.

In both countries its main activities aim to support a national movement by equipping students, serving churches and developing student workers. Fusion's core values are being Relational, Biblical, Missional, Catalytic and Inclusive.[1][2]

Fusion UK is affiliated to the Evangelical Alliance and has key partnerships with the Alpha course, CARE UK, Christian Aid Collective, Compassion, Soul Survivor and Tearfund.[3]


Fusion was founded in the UK in 1997 by leaders of some new churches including Pioneer, Ichthus and YWAM.[4] Roger Ellis of Revelation Church in Chichester had a leading role.[5] Within five years it had become the largest Christian student body on many campuses.[6]

The founding of Fusion was seen as divisive by some supporters of the Christian Union movement.[4] In many locations Fusion found itself in ongoing disputes with the Christian Unions over the following years.[7]

In 2008, Fusion launched the "Love your Uni" campaign, ‘dreaming about a whole generation of students who can love beyond themselves’.[8] In some places this focussed on practical action to the exclusion of direct evangelistic work such as giving out tracts.[9]


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