Futile Attraction

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Futile Attraction
Directed by Mark Prebble
Written by Mark Prebble, Benedict Reid
Starring Peter Rutherford
Danielle Mason
Alistair Browning
Glenda Tuaine
Michelle Ang
Music by Jonathan Kennerley
Cinematography Mathew Knight
Distributed by Twilight Productions Ltd.
Release dates
  • December 15, 2004 (2004-12-15) (United States)
  • June 28, 2005 (2005-06-28) (New Zealand)
Running time
82 minutes
Language English
Budget $33,000[1]

Futile Attraction is a 2004 New Zealand film directed by Mark Prebble. It is an anti-romantic comedy filmed in mockumentary style. The movie attracted media attention for the fact that it was largely funded by web donations.


Futile Attraction is about the filming of a reality dating show in which the main characters are so incompatible that the film crew have to manipulate and lie to them in order to keep them together.

Randal (Peter Rutherford) is a telemarketer with a passion for telephones who has never quite broken away from his controlling mother; Germaine (Danielle Mason) is an activist who agrees to be filmed in order to publicise the threat a new dam poses to her favourite stream. During the filming, presenter Dudley (Alistair Browning), who is willing to do anything to get himself looking good on camera, clashes with Anne (Glenda Tuaine), who prefers to ignore their boss's ever-changing scripting instructions in preference to a more objective look at the reality of the relationship.


With limited resources available, the writers chose the mockumentary format for its combination of low budget requirements and comedic possibilities.[2]

The movie was filmed in 2002 over 13 days, however due to technical problems post-production took two-and-a-half years.[3]

The vital fundraising also took time. Having been rejected for funding by the New Zealand Film Commission, Prebble set up a website to raise money internationally. In addition to the money raised in this way, he received numerous offers in kind, from professional advice to poster design and band music.[4]

The movie is distributed internationally by Echelon Studios.


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