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FutureClaw (magazine) cover.jpg
Editor-in-Chief Bobby Mozumder
Categories Fashion, art, music
Frequency Quarterly
First issue 2008
Company FutureClaw LLC
Country  United States
Language English
Website futureclaw.com

FutureClaw is an oversized (12"x15") fashion, art, music, and culture magazine founded in 2007 in Burlington, Vermont, USA, by photographer/engineer Bobby Mozumder and artist Guy Derry. The magazine took its name from an electro music blog that Guy Derry and Adam DeMartino ran. Bobby introduced the idea of creating a photo style-press magazine after doing a street photo project in Burlington's Art-Hop 2007 with Guy, where they met.

The idea of the magazine came to the founders after seeing so few state-of-the-art American style-press publications compared to the many that exist in Europe and elsewhere in the world. Additionally, the magazine industry's circulation decline was firmly understood when FutureClaw was founded, and so the goal was set to differentiate FutureClaw by taking advantage of the print medium over the internet: the presentation of visuals (photography, design, and illustration) in a large-format. The magazine itself is visible entirely online, using the Issuu viewer, as a way to expand the audience and to promote the physical print product during a declining magazine industry era.

FutureClaw has released a pilot issue (~50 pages) in Spring 2008, and 2 full-sized issues (~200 pages), Fall 2008 and Spring 2009, with the goal of publishing quarterly. The Fall 2008 issue was featured by magazine industry guru Samir Husni in his review of notable national magazine launches of 2008.[1][2]


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