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Future Legend Records is a British independent record label founded in 1992 by former D.J., record producer and songwriter Russell C. Brennan (also known as Russell C. Writer). It was intended as a creative outlet for Brennan, to allow release of previously recorded material, to promote his band Box Office Poison and to break new up and coming bands and artists into the music scene in the UK and worldwide. Future Legend Records was partly named after Future Legend, the opening track of David Bowie's 1974 album Diamond Dogs and partly to promote the company’s mission to find and introduce artistic 'legends of the future'. Russell C. Brennan is a published author of a reference work for musicians and artists.,[1][2]

The label distributed various releases through Sony, Target BMG, SRD (Southern Records Distribution), Greyhound (now fMinor), 1Stop Distribution, Caroline Exports, Windsong/Pinnacle, Universal, IODA (Independent Online Distribution Alliance) and Code 7 Music/Storm Warning Entertainment (See discography. Releases have distributors named on sleeve notes). Some limited edition releases were manufactured and distributed by the label. The label gained a number one hit in Italy but had no chart hits in the UK. From 1993-1996 and again from 2001-2003 Future Legend Records had distribution problems. The most successful partnership was with the independent music distributor Windsong/Pinnacle (a part of the Zomba Group of Companies) from 1996–2000, which resulted in a productive period for the label.

Future Legend Records is owned by A Bygrave.


The first release on Future Legend Records had been recorded some years previously. Under the previous Waterloo Sunset Records label, Russell C Brennan had recorded a TV and film themes covers album Themes from the 60's Vol.1 to showcase many new up and coming artists by re-recording well known TV and film themes. Two tracks from main Waterloo Sunset Records act Eleanor Rigby were included: You Only Live Twice and Up The Junction. Waterloo Sunset Records folded due lack of funds before the album could be released on that label.

Future Legend Records released the Themes From the 60’s Vol 1 album and a further three singles (see Release Discography) through a distribution deal with Sony from 1993-1994. The Eleanor Rigby single You Only Live Twice was released in 1993, reaching Number One in Italy. Airplay in the UK was good but slow distribution hit sales and the single did not chart there. The label parted company with Sony in 1994 after conflicts over poor distribution, missing stock and escalating charges.[citation needed]

Several distributor changes occurred between 1994-1996. Five albums and one single were released during this time (see discography). The label signed a four-year distribution contract with Windsong/Pinnacle in 1996. In Windsong/Pinnacle, at that time the largest independent music distributor in the UK with a 10% market share,[3] the label found the best match for their music and made nine releases under contract to the company between 1996-1999. This included two further themes compilation albums (see Release Discography). Shortly after signing with Windsong/Pinnacle 75% of the distributor was purchased by the Zomba Group of Companies.[4] Future Legend’s distribution contract with WindSong/Pinnacle was upheld after the partial Zomba Group buy out. (Zomba has had several splits and name changes since.[5][6])

In 1997 Brennan (as R C Writer) was commissioned by Dr Martens Records to compile and produce the multi-artist Generation to Generation album [7] This was on a similar format to the Themes cover albums. The album promoted both old and new acts that were an influence on British music, including The Lambrettas and The Untouchables. A total of 20,000 copies of the album were distributed in the UK by Dr Martens through their retail outlets. Artists Box Office Poison, Mouse, Misty Woods, Eleanor Rigby and Ministry of Ska also contributed tracks to the album.[8] A promised funded promotion and signing of Box Office Poison to Dr Martens Records did not occur (Brennan: personal communication). A promotion of Maroon Town, a band also featured on the Dr Martens CD did occur.[9] After the release of two albums and six singles and contributions to compilation albums during 1993-1998, main label act Box Office Poison was disbanded without having broken the UK record charts.

Future Legend Records’ contract with Zomba Group expired in early 2000 and by mutual agreement no new contract was signed. Zomba were not on the same wavelength as an independent label, then having internationally acclaimed acts such as Backstreet Boys, Britney Spears and N’Synch.[10]

In 2000, the label secured a multi-outlet internet download distribution contract with the Independent Online Distribution Alliance (IODA) and began releasing some of the back catalogue on download.

Future Legend Records secured a distribution contract in 2001 for their sixth themes album Cult Themes from the 80’s on CD format with Universal. Distribution was poor. The album did not sell well. Future Legend’s producer Russell C Brennan was nominated for Music Week's UK Record Producer of the Year in 2002 for contributions to music, particularly the production on Cult Themes from the 80’s.[citation needed]

Release discography[edit]

(all recordings produced by Russell C. Brennan, many recordings also feature him as musician)

  • Themes from the Sixties Vol.1 by Various Artists (1988)
  • Themes from the Sixties Vol.2 by Various Artists (1994)
  • Themes from the Sixties Vol. 3 by Various Artists (1995)
  • Cult Themes from the Seventies Vol. 1 by Various Artists (1997)
  • Cult Themes from the Seventies Vol. 2 by Various Artists (1999)
  • The Waterloo Sunset Story by Various Artists (1997)
  • Stirred not Shaken by Various Artists (1999)
  • The Future Legend Story by Various Artists (2000)
  • The Future Legend Records Singles Album by Various Artists (2013)
  • Cult Themes from the 80’s by Various Artists (2001)
  • The Themes Bond… James Bond (The Alternative Bond Themes) by Various Artists (2008)
  • Crime Fighters: 20 Kick-Ass Cult Crime Themes by Various Artists (2013)
  • 20 Shades of Sex and Erotica by various Artists (2013)
  • Bowie Zone EP by Various Artists (2012)
  • A Tribute to John Barry by Various Artists (2012)
  • That Instrumental Vibe by Various Artists (2010)
  • Mod tunes: Three Button Legacy by Various Artists (2010)
Eleanor Rigby

(Russell C. Brennan's longtime companion)

  • You Only Live Twice single (1993)
  • Love on the Phone/Play with Fire single (1997)
  • Eleanor Rigby Live album (2008)
  • Best of Eleanor Rigby Vol. 1 compilation (1994)
  • Best of Eleanor Rigby Vol. 2 compilation (1996)
Box Office Poison

(Russell C. Brennan's band)

  • Beyond the Twilight Zone album (1996)
  • Heavy Breathing Decade album (1998)
  • 1995/Checkmate single (1993)
  • Mysteries single (1995)
  • Teenage Sex/Alien single (1997)
  • Think For Yourself/Lady Grinning Soul single (1997)
  • Popcorn single (2009)
  • The Legend of Xanadu single (2009)
  • Bad Bad Girl single (1993)
Ministry of Ska

(Russell C. Brennan's band)

  • Rarin’ to Go album (1995)
  • The Best of Ministry of Ska compilation (2013)
  • Love on the Phone/Play with Fire/Wallpaper Man/Mod Boy CD EP by Eleanor Rigby & Misty Woods (1997)
  • Mirror Image album by Mouse (1999)
  • Sex on the Internet single by Pop Noir/Psykick Holiday (2009)
  • My Two Minds Are Eight Miles High album by The Babysitars (2010)
  • Another Number album by Carmel Morris (2010)
  • Forever Pop Noir album by Psykick Holiday (2010)
  • The Best of Misty Woods by Misty Woods (2013)

New ownership[edit]

In 2003 the ownership of Future Legend Records was taken over by A Bygrave. In 2007 the remainder of the back catalogue was released on download through IODA. Using the download format, several new releases were made during 2007-2010, including two previously unreleased Box Office Poison singles. (see Release Discography)

2010 onwards[edit]

Future Legend Records continued to be involved with the support of new artists. The label released the album Forever Pop Noir by new act Psykick Holiday in CD format in late 2010 with distribution through Nick Hindle’s Storm Warning Entertainment (Code 7), this being the first release of physical product since 2001.

Releases of albums by The Babysitars and Carmel Morris also occurred in 2010 on download via IODA. Several compilation albums from the back catalogue have been released on IODA since 2010, including That Instrumental Vibe, an EP entitled Bowie Zone, and albums A Tribute to John Barry, The Best of Ministry of Ska, Crime Fighters, 20 Shades of Sex and Erotica, The Best of Misty Woods and The Future Legend Records Singles Album.

The contract with Code7 Music/Storm Entertainment for the sale of physical product was terminated in early 2013. In March 2013 IODA was taken over by The Orchard distribution company and Future Legend Records' download catalogue was transferred to the new distributor.


Main artists on the label[edit]

Eleanor Rigby, Box Office Poison, Ministry of Ska, Mouse, Misty Woods, Psykick Holiday, The Babysitars

Themes and compilation album artists[edit]

The Grave, Studio 68, The Editors, Kitch, Ministry of Defiance, Eleanor Rigby, A Beatboy, C.B.U., Perestroika, Waterloo Sunset Allstars, Ministry of Ska, Moonchild, Summer, Adventures of Parsley, Future Legend Allstars, Box Office Poison, Earthling Scum, Jo Sharp, Box Office Poison, Mouse, Ron Rage, Chelsea Monday, Megiddo, Surfin Dead, The Federation, The Bruce Li Foundation, The Incredibly Strange Film Band, Monkey, The Lambrettas, Mouse, Misty Woods, Ambassadors of Om, The Honeycombs, The Reaction, Lynus, Squire, Makin’ Time, The Untouchables, Maroon Town, Lumiere Noir, Pop Noir, The Pinups, Uncle, Joan Martin, E.L.B.O.W., Glenda Collins, Digital Lemon, Illegal Immigrant, MoneyPenny, Phosphoric, Celebrate The Sun, Once More Into The Bleach, 2oon, The Soul Detectives, Girl Called Max, Carmel Morris.


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