Future Media Architects

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Future Media Architects, Inc.
Type Private
Industry Internet
Founded British Virgin Islands
Key people Thunayan K. Al-Ghanim, Founder and CEO
Website www.fma.com

Future Media Architects (FMA) is an internet development company founded in 2002. FMA is primarily known for its large portfolio of internet domain names, estimated to exceed 120,000, and has faced several lawsuits.[1][2][3]

The company is known for its staunch policy not to sell the domain names it owns;[4] a policy at odds with that of most other domain name profiteers. It serves as the second greatest example of domain squatting (second to most "Domain Registrars") .

In 2002, one of FMA's major websites, mp3.tv, sponsored Italy’s national championship Ferrari racing team.[5]

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