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Future News is a 24-hour news channel. It is a sister channel to Future Television. Future News is one of the leading channels in Lebanon that covers local and international news around the clock.

Future News broadcasts from Beirut Hamra with its studios located in Kantari street.

Its journalists span not only in every Lebanese city but all around the world in the major cities and countries all over the globe. Future News provides the news and analyzes events.

Future News Channel is not only political but is a comprehensive news channel that addresses all topics in the economic, cultural, environmental, social, technological, tourism, health and sports fields.


Future News was launched on December 9, 2007 under the previous leadership of CEO Dr. Nadim Munla, now by Tarek Ayntrazi. Going forward Nadim Munla lead Sheikh Saad Hariri's team of economic advisors, a role he played in the Nineties with the late Prime Minister Rafic Hariri until in recent years has assumed another managerial role at Future Television's new sister 24 hour News station.


Television and News

Future News used to cover all political and non-political news from Lebanon and around the world through its many live news bulletins around the clock. In addition to news, it produced a large array of shows and programs ranging from the cultural to the artistic to the economical passing through sports and leisure. Moreover, it broadcast several international programs and multi-awarded documentaries. It was well known by its slick image and its youthful objectives.


The goal of Future News is to provide the viewer an investigative picture,thus "the slogan" right to know "

For the expatriate Lebanese, it serves to provide him news of his country and helps bridge the gaps of distance. It also is a tool to acquaint the world with Lebanon.

Moreover, it tries to introduce the world to Lebanon.

Finally, it wants the world to see Lebanon, and consequently wants the viewer to see the world in Lebanese eyes.


Talk shows

Reports, interviews, political, Economic programs

Environmental programs

Social programs

Programs and documentaries

Technology programs

Art and Celebrity News


Sports Programs

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