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Future garage is a genre of electronic dance music that incorporates a variety of influences from UK garage and softer elements from 2-step garage.


A future garage track example (here, Lucid by Future Sound Collabs).

Future garage incorporates a variety of influences into UK garage and softer elements into 2-step garage. The genre has been described as being influenced by UK garage, dark swing, 2-step and grime, producing futuristic and often very off kilter modern rhythmic production styles.[1][2] It has been described as being better suited for home listening than UK garage.[3] The name was coined by Whistla before the appearance of Future Garage Forum in November 2009.[4][5]

In Issue 108 of MusicTech Magazine from March 2013,[6] it was suggested that future garage should employ repitched vocals, soft leads with a round attack or an acoustic lead, subbass or a square wave bass with a modulating filter, and a four-to-the-floor or 2-step garage drum beat with off-the-grid hi-hats. The distinct swing in future garage drum beats is the focus on "late" or humanized hi-hats between the kick and snare patterns.

Notable artists[edit]


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