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The Futures magazine web logo
type = Monthly Business magazine
(in USA, a registered newspaper)
Format Magazine
Owner(s) The Alpha Pages, LLC
Editor Daniel Collins[1]
Founded September 1972
Headquarters 107 W. Van Buren St. #203
Chicago, IL
Circulation 50,000 per month[citation needed]
Website www.futuresmag.com

Futures magazine is a U.S.-based monthly print investment magazine covering "stocks, commodities, options and Forex strategy for the Modern Trader." .[2]

Another periodical called Futures is a journal on policy, planning and futures studies.

The publication was established in 1972 under the name Commodities magazine. The name was changed to Futures in September 1983, and today it covers global industry trends, prominent people, trading technology, managed funds, fundamental and technical analysis.[3]

It contains feature articles on the futures markets, with articles on industry issues, current market developments, trading techniques and strategies. Notable people interviewed by the magazine in 2014 were Jeff Sprecher (Futures' first "Person of the Year,"), Jim Rogers, and Senator Rand Paul.

It is published by The Alpha Pages, which acquired the publication in 2013 from Summit Business Media.[4][5] Its main competitor is Technical Analysis of Stocks & Commodities.


The first cover of Commodities magazine (now, Futures), published in February 1972.

The magazine started out under the name Commodities at a time when the futures market was expanding quickly, reaching tens of millions of contracts every year. The inaugural February/March issue, published in 1972, contained a note from executive editor and publisher Todd Lofton:

“Ten years ago, a magazine such as this would not have been possible…. In this past decade, futures trading has come of age…. It is our express intention to present an authoritative fund of knowledge about commodities and the factors and forces which bear upon the prices of futures."[6]

Lofton, a former Navy officer, had started the magazine with Leon Rose, who had formerly been his boss.[7] Having just recently gotten into trading, Lofton created the publication after finding a lack of reliable, consistent information about the futures market. Later that same year, the Chicago Mercantile Exchange began listing foreign currency futures contracts.

In 1976, Commodities was sold to Merrill Oster, a business journalist and entrepreneur.[8] He led the magazine until 1997.

The first issue of Futures

Commodities magazine was renamed Futures in September 1983.[9] Oster had realized that the introduction of many more financial instruments and the advent of financial futures had shifted the magazine away from its original goal of reporting just on commodities. When the magazine had started, it focused primarily on agricultural futures. However, the market was moving toward interest rate futures and Treasury bond trading, and the magazine’s focus was shifting with it. As a result, the rename would convey more accurately what the magazine was reporting on. Currently, the magazine's tagline is "Stock, Commodity, Options and Forex Strategies for the Modern Trader."

In August 2014, the publication celebrated its 500th issue. The issue included regular contributors, a look back at some of Futures' biggest moments and a special section introducing The Alpha Pages.

The magazine cover for Futures magazine's 500th issue

Cover stories included:

One notable article was written by Steve Nison, who had introduced candlestick charts to the Western world. This method of diagramming prices, which he illustrated in his December 1989 article (predating his book on the same topic), would set a new standard for how price charts are drawn.[10]

The Alpha Pages LLC, a new media firm led by CEO Jeff Joseph, focuses on business, finance and alternative investments, purchased Futures and its sister site, Resource Investor (renamed to Hard Assets) in 2013.[11] The Alpha Pages purchased a leading global hedge fund site. [FINAlternatives.com], in June 2014.

Digital Presence[edit]

The magazine as well as sister site Hard Assets also have a robust daily digital presence. Each site posts stories daily focusing on geopolitics, equities, commodities, metals and more. Print issues are also housed and archived on the website. Frequent contributors include:

  • Matt Weller, Senior Analyst for FOREX.com, and Neal Gilbert, market expert, write about Forex, currency, trading, and commodities, often as they relate to geopolitics. Both Weller and Gilbert contribute once to twice daily.[12][13]
  • Dominick Chirichella writes the weekly energy report for Futures. Published every Wednesday, the piece gives a detailed weekly analysis of the energy market. Chirichella was a founding partner of Energy Management Institute and is an expert in all things energy trading. [14]
  • Alan Rohrbach, the lead analyst and president of Rohr International, provides Futures with a daily macro-level market analysis video and accompanying charts or text. He is also a frequent contributor to and source in Futures print issues.[14]
  • Jack Scoville is the vice president of PRICE Futures Group and a market analyst specializing in grains and softs. He contributes to FuturesMag.com twice weekly.[15]
  • Paul Ploumis contributes pieces to Hard Assets about precious metals in Asia, particularly as they relate to India and China. His work appears originally on ScrapMonster.com.[16][17]
  • Phil Flynn is a leading energy market analyst with PRICE Futures Group. He contributes energy-related content to FuturesMag.com daily.[18]
  • Andrew Wilkinson is the senior market analysis at Interactive Brokers Group, Inc. He writes about financials including economic reports, including retail, Fed minutes, currencies and fixed income, and jobs.[19]
  • Martin McGuire, managing director at TJM Institutional Services, writes daily on a wide range of financial topics.[20]
  • Jeff Greenblatt, Fibonacci Forecaster editor, provides forecasts of financial markets each Monday.
  • John Caiazzo, an experienced broker and trading expert, writes about interconnectedness in futures and options trading.[21]
  • Carl Larry writes a weekly newsletter for Oil Outlooks that is posted in part on Futures a the beginning of each week.[22]

The digital magazine also publishes content from news and analysis sites including GoldCore, Bloomberg News, News from Sharps Pixley, and more.


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