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Fuxingmen (simplified Chinese: 复兴门; traditional Chinese: 復興門; pinyin: Fùxīngmén) is a road situated in central Beijing and on the northwestern stretch of the 2nd Ring Road.

Fuxingmen means "Gate of Revival". An overpass over the ring road exists with the same name.

Both Beijing subway lines 1 and 2 stop and interlink at Fuxingmen Station.

The commercial centre of Xidan, and Beijing Financial Street, are not far away.

Fuxingmen also marks the western end of Fuxingmen Inner Street, which is a western extension of West Chang'an Avenue, and the eastern starting point of Fuxingmen Outer Street.

Coordinates: 39°54′20.93″N 116°21′1.24″E / 39.9058139°N 116.3503444°E / 39.9058139; 116.3503444