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Fuzz or Fuzzy may refer to:

Arts and entertainment[edit]


  • Faustina Agolley (born 1984), known as Fuzzy, Australian television presenter, host of the Australian television show Video Hits
  • James "Fuzz" San Giovanni, American musician who performs in Deep Banana Blackout
  • Fuzzy Haskins (born 1941), American singer and guitarist who performed in Parliament-Funkadelic
  • Calvin "Fuzz" Jones (1926-2010), American electric blues bassist and singer
  • Steve Kmak (born 1970), known as "Fuzz," American bassist who formerly played in Disturbed
  • María Fernanda Malo (born 1985), also known as "Fuzz," Mexican actress
  • Fuzz Scoota, American underground rapper who performs with D12
  • Robert Alfred Theobald (1884−1957), nicknamed "Fuzzy," United States Navy rear admiral
  • Robert "Fuzz" Townshend (born 1964), British drummer
  • Fuzzy Zoeller (born 1951), American professional golfer

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