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A bottle of Gösser beer
A bottle of Gösser dark beer

Gösser beer is the main brand of the Göss brewery in the Styrian city of Leoben, one of the largest and most-well known Austrian beer breweries. The brewery was founded in 1860 by 28 year old Max Kober, who had been a master brewer with the Żywiec Brewery in Poland.[1] By 1892 the brewery was producing ca. 60,000 barrels per year. In the 1920s the brewery began selling pasteurized beer in crown corked glass bottles permitting Gösser to market their beer outside of Austria.[2] By 1930 the company was producing ca 340,000 barrels per year and had exceeded 850,000 barrels per year by 1973. Since 2003, Gösser has been a part of Brau Union Austria AG (BBAG), the largest Austrian brewer, whose majority shareholder is the Dutch brewing giant Heineken.

Beers produced[edit]

The Spezial is proudly noted by the company as having been served at the gala dinner at the signing of the Austrian State Treaty.[3]


Since the 1960s the brand's slogan has remained the same -- Gut. Besser. Gösser. (Good. Better. Gösser.)[4]


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