Għallis Tower

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Coordinates: 35°57′11″N 14°26′03″E / 35.95306°N 14.43417°E / 35.95306; 14.43417

Għallis tower

Għallis Tower is a small coastal fortification that the Knights of Malta built on the island of Malta. It was originally primarily a watchtower with a garrison consisting of a bombardier and three gunners, who manned a three-pounder iron cannon.

Construction took place during 1658 and 1659. The tower formed part of the chain of thirteen de Redin towers constructed during the reign of Grand Master Martin de Redin to allow communication from Gozo to the Knights' base at Grand Harbour. It stands above the shore just east of Ras il-Ghallis (Ghallis Point). Together with Qawra Tower, one of the Lascaris towers, it commands Salina Bay.

The tower has been recently renovated and is now under the control of Din L-Art Helwa.