Główny Szlak Sudecki

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Śnieżka - the highest summit on the trail
Samotnia - mountain hut in Karkonosze
Golden Mountains in the eastern part of the trail
The trail blazing is red

Główny Szlak Sudecki (full name Główny Szlak Sudecki im. Mieczysława Orłowicza) – public hiking trail in Poland running along the Sudetes. The total length of this route is 350 km[1] and the approximate time to cover it varies between 87 and 90 hours. The trail was constructed in 1947 and throughout its history has been several times modified. It is blazed red.

Towns and landmarks on the trail[edit]

Trail online map: link

The trail starts in Świeradów Zdrój in the Jizera Mountains. In Szklarska Poręba it enters Karkonosze, the highest mountain range on its way. For the next 20 km it merges with the Polish - Czech Friendship Trail at Szrenica and runs on the main ridge along Polish and Czech border, to reach its culminating point, the highest peak in the Sudetes - Śnieżka. The path then descends to Karpacz and leads through another mountain range - Rudawy Janowickie. Having passed Krzeszów, the Stone Mountains and Owl Mountains the trail enters the area of the Kłodzko Valley and runs along the ridge of the Table Mountains with its reserves, spas such as Polanica-Zdrój, Duszniki-Zdrój and Kudowa-Zdrój and the Table Mountains National Park, one of the youngest national parks in Poland. Then it inclines to the north to run through the Śnieżnik Mountains, the second highest point on the route, then along the Golden Mountains. The trail finishes in Paczków, although for several years there has been a detached part in Prudnik (Opawskie Mountains).

Tourism and hiking[edit]

The trail is accessible the whole year, although some of its parts may be closed in winter due to the possibility of avalanches (Karkonosze) as well as dangerous marshes (Table Mountains). It does not involve any kind of advanced climbing, neither the mountain ranges are steep, nevertheless the long distance hiking requires advenced preparations. In the most difficult parts climbing aids are provided. The trail has numerous junctions with other trails and public paths, in Karkonosze it is accessible through chairlifts both from Polish and Czech sides. There are many mountain huts and small hotels, espacially in the western and middle part,[2] although some of them offer only common sleeping rooms and refreshments. Polish mountain huts are obliged to overnight each person, who is not able to find any other place before sunset or in emergency, although in rough conditions.[3] Booking in advance is recommended. Most of huts are run by the PTTK - Polish National Tourist Society. Refreshments and organised forms of catering are available on each part of the trail, although it is recommended to have own food.

Main Sudetes Trail as seen on the map of the mountains


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