Göteborgs Handels- och Sjöfartstidning

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The building in which the newspaper had its office

Göteborgs Handels- och Sjöfartstidning (GHT) was a daily newspaper published in Gothenburg, Sweden, from 1832 to 1973. It was founded in 1832 by publisher Magnus Prytz and had a liberal alignment from the later part of the 19th century after Sven Adolf Hedlund became editor in 1852.[1] The author Viktor Rydberg worked for the newspaper and several of his novels were published as series in the paper.[1]

During World War II, GHT was one of few Swedish newspapers that held a decidedly anti-Nazi profile, which made its editor in chief (since 1917) Torgny Segerstedt a controversial figure in neutral Sweden. The Norwegian illustrator Ragnvald Blix became known for his anti-nazi caricatures published in the paper during that time under the pseudonym "Stig Höök".[1]


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