Müveddet Kadın Efendi

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Müveddet Kadın Efendi
Muveddet kadinefendi.jpg
Spouse Mehmed VI
(m. 24 April 1911 - 16 May 1926)
Şakir Bey Eminpaşazade
(m. 2 May 1932, div. 28 February 1936)
Issue Şehzade Mehmed Ertuğrul Efendi
Full name
Şadiye Müveddet Hanım Efendi
House House of Osman (by marriage)
Father Kato Davut Bey Çıhcı
Mother Ayşe Hanım
Born Şadiye Çıhcı
12 October 1893
Adapazarı, the Ottoman Empire
Died c. 1951
Çengelköy, Bosphorus, Istanbul, Turkey
Burial Çengelköy cemetery
Religion Islam

Müveddet Kadın Efendi (12 October 1893 - c. 1951[1]) was born as the daughter of Kato Davut Bey Çıhcı and Ayşe Hanım. [2]She was married to Ottoman Sultan Mehmed VI and was the mother of Şehzade Mehmed Ertuğrul Efendi of the Ottoman Empire. [3]


At a very young age Müveddet Kadın Efendi was taken to the Çengelköy Palace by Şehzade Vahideddin Efendi's treasurer, Habibe Hanım, who was Müveddet's aunt. While in service in the palace she was noticed by Vahideddin and he fell in love with her. She was married firstly to Vahideddin, as his third wife, on 24 April 1911. The marriage took place at Çengelköy Palace. [4]A year after the marriage in 1912 she gave birth to her only son Şehzade Mehmed Ertuğrul Efendi. [5]In 1918 she became İkinci Kadın Efendi (Turkish for "Second consort").

She joined the deposed Sultan in exile in San Remo, Italy. In San Remo the were living in a mansion. In 1929 after the death of her husband she moved to Alexandria. She married secondly on 2 May 1932 to Şakir Bey Eminpaşazade at Alexandria but soon she was divorced on 28 February 1936. In 1944 after the death of her son she wanted to return to Istanbul. She was allowed to return to Turkey in 1948.

She died in 1950 at Çengelköy, Bosphorus, Istanbul and was buried in a cemetery in Çengelköy. [6]

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