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Norşin is located in Turkey
Coordinates: 38°34′37″N 42°1′16″E / 38.57694°N 42.02111°E / 38.57694; 42.02111Coordinates: 38°34′37″N 42°1′16″E / 38.57694°N 42.02111°E / 38.57694; 42.02111
Country Turkey
Province Bitlis
 • Mayor Mehmet Emin Özkan (BDP)
 • Kaymakam Turan Yılmaz
 • District 524.78 km2 (202.62 sq mi)
Elevation 1,320 m (4,330 ft)
Population (2012)[2]
 • Urban 21,509
 • District 45,436
 • District density 87/km2 (220/sq mi)
Post code 13800

Norşin (Kurdish: Norşîn, from Armenian: Նորշեն, Norshen) is a district of Bitlis Province, Turkey. The mayor is Mehmet Emin Özkan (BDP). In March 2014, the name of village was changed from Güroymak to the original Kurdish name Norşin.[3][4]


The original Armenian name of the district is Norshen (Նորշեն), which is composed of nor meaning new, and shen meaning village. The Kurdish name of the district, Norşîn, by some sources is composed of Semitic, Nur meaning light, and Kurdish Şîn deriving from old Iranian Axshaena/Axshaina, meaning blue.


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