Gōnokawa River

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Gōnokawa River
Tomoe bridge Miyoshi.jpg
The Tomoe Bridge over the Basen River in Miyoshi
Origin Mount Asa
Mouth Gōtsu
Basin countries Japan
Length 194 km (121 mi)
Source elevation 1,218 m (3,996 ft)
Avg. discharge 75.1 m3/s (2,650 cu ft/s) at mouth
Basin area 3,870 km2 (1,490 sq mi)

The Gōnokawa River (江の川 Gōnokawa?) is a river that runs through Hiroshima and Shimane prefectures in Japan. It is the largest river in the Chūgoku region. It is also called the Gōgawa River (江川) and, in Hiroshima, the Enokawa River (可愛川).[1]

River communities[edit]

The river passes through or forms the boundary of the following communities:

Hiroshima Prefecture
Kitahiroshima, Akitakata, Miyoshi
Shimane Prefecture
Ōnan, Misato, Kawamoto, Gōtsu


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Coordinates: 35°01′32″N 132°13′37″E / 35.02556°N 132.22694°E / 35.02556; 132.22694