Gǁana language

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Native to Botswana
Ethnicity Gǁana
Native speakers
2,500  (2013)[citation needed]
  • Kalahari (Tshu–Khwe)
    • West
      • Gǁana
Language codes
ISO 639-3 Either:
gnk – Gǁana
gwj – Gǀwi
Glottolog anaa1239[1]

Gǁana (pronounced /ˈɡɑːnə/ in English, and also spelled ǁGana, Gxana, Dxana, Xgana) is a Khoe dialect cluster of Botswana. It is closely related to Naro, and includes the well-known dialect Gǀwi, which has the majority of speakers.

The double pipe at the beginning of the name "Gǁana" represents a click like the English interjection used when saying giddy-ap to a horse. For the clicks and other sounds found in Gǁana, see Gǀwi dialect.


  • Gǀwi
  • Domkhoe
  • Gǁaa(khwe)
  • Gǁana(khwe)
  • Kǀhessákhoe


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