G-Man (Image Comics)

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This article is about the Image Comics superhero. For otheruses, see G-Man (disambiguation).
Publication information
Publisher Image Comics
First appearance Savage Dragon #104
Created by Chris Giarrusso
In-story information
Alter ego Mikey G.
Team affiliations None
Partnerships None
Abilities Flight, super-strength, durability[disambiguation needed]

G-Man is an all-ages comic book written and illustrated by Chris Giarrusso and published by Image Comics.[1] The comic has been published in the form of back-ups in other comic books as well as original one-shots and trade paperback collections. The comic features a young superhero who gains the powers of super strength, super endurance, and flight when he wears a magic cape. G-Man and his friends were introduced in Giarrusso's "Comic Bits", published in Image's Savage Dragon series. There are two G-Man collections: Learning to Fly, and Cape Crisis.


The main character, Mikey G, wanted to be a superhero. He found a magic cape, which gave him the ability to fly, enhanced his strength and gave him some invulnerability. His older brother, Dave G, took a piece of the cape to make a belt. He called himself Great Man.


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