G-Note Records

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G-Note Records
G NoteRecords.jpg
Parent company G-Unit Records
Founded 2010
Founder 50 Cent
Distributor(s) G-Unit Records
Genre Pop/Dance/R&B
Country of origin United States
Location New York, New York
Official website G-Note Official Website

G-Note Records is a subsidiary record label of 50 Cent's G-Unit Records. The label was formed in late 2010 for Pop, Dance and R&B artists. The offices for the label are in New York.[1]

Origins (2010)[edit]

After the success of former G-Unit subsidiary label "G-Unit South," and G-Unit Philly, 50 Cent decided to create another subsidiary in 2009. Unlike the two other subsidiary labels, G-Note Records is a Hip hop based label including Pop, Dance and R&B music.[2] The label was founded in late 2010 with the first two artists signed, Governor and Hot Rod.[3] The first official music that was released under the label was Hot Rod's first single called Dance With Me.[4] It was believed that 50 Cent intended to sign more acts to the label in the upcoming year, including R&B singer Jovan Dais who was featured on the original version of his single "Baby By Me", Zimbabwean singer Gamu Nhengu, and singer Jeremih who he has recently worked on a couple of projects with.[5][6] The second single released on the label was Governor's, the song was called "Here We Go Again" and featured 50 Cent.[7] In an interview with G-Unit Radio 50 Cent said he created the label because

In late April 2011, it was reported that 50 Cent was in talks with DJ Pauly D about signing to the label for a three album deal. This was later confirmed by DJ Whoo Kid in an interview with Shade 45.[9] [10] In the beginning of December 2011, DJ Pauly D was officially signed to G-Note Records.[11] Lea was dropped from the label at the top of 2013.


Current Artists[edit]

Act Year signed # Albums Released Description
Hot Rod 2010 - A Phoenix, Arizona rapper and singer that originally signed to G-Unit Records back in 2006.[12] After failing to release his original project, Fastlane, on the label, and being dropped from Interscope around 2007,[13] Hot Rod modified his musical style to pop. For that reason 50 Cent thought it would be a good idea to make him the first official artist on the subsidiary label.[14] He is currently working on his debut album, "My Life" that will be released under G-Unit Records and G-Note Records.[15]
Pauly D 2011 - DJ Pauly D is an American television personality and disc jockey. He is best known for being a housemate on MTV's reality show Jersey Shore. In August 2011, he announced a three-album deal with 50 Cent's G-Unit Records and G-Note Records. This deal was later confirmed by 50 Cent on December 1, 2011.

DJs and producers[edit]

Former artists[edit]


To be released[edit]

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Album information
Hot RodMy Life
  • Released: TBA
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Pauly DTBA
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