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Guddehithlu Thimmappiah Narayana Rao (30 June 1926 – 27 June 2008) was a well-known science writer in Kannada, music critic, cultural organiser, and a prominent citizen of the city of Mysore, India.

He was popularly known as GTN to his large number of students and readers. GTN served as a teacher of Mathematics in various colleges (1949–1968) in Madikeri, Mangalore, Bangalore and Mysore; and during his tenure as a teacher, he was an officer of the rank of the major in the National Cadet Corps. From 1968, he worked as an editor of the 14-volume Kannada Visvakosa(Kannada Encyclopedia), created and published by the Institute for Kannada Studies, University of Mysore.

GTN was a leading music critic of Mysore, with Karnatak classical music being his focus of interest. He wrote reviews of music concerts for the local eveninger Star of Mysore and The Hindu. He was also known for spotting musical talents of promise and helping them come to the fore.

GTN has written over 30 books in Kannada on a range of subjects, including biographies of Albert Einstein and S.Chandrasekhar, the Nobel laureate astro-physicist. He has also written three books in English.

Karnataka Open University honoured GTN with an Hon. D.Litt. in 2008. He received the Karnataka Rajyotsava Award in 2008, and has also been a recipient of other honours including the Karnataka Sahitya Academy Award, Kannada Sahitya Parishat’s H. Narasimhaiah Award, Malawaad Award instituted by the Karnatak University, Dr Shivarama Karanth Award (2000) from Delhi Karnataka Sangha, Bangalore Gayana Samaja Centenary honour, Kodagu District 5th Literary Conference Chairmanship (2006).

GTN lived in Mysore from 1968 till his death. He had in his will gifted his body for medical research. He is survived by his wife Lakshmidevi and sons Ashoka, Ananda and Anantha and their respective families.


Books in English by Prof. GTN[edit]

1. Crossing the Dateline (Meeting with S. Chandrasekhar, Chicago)
2. Scientific Temper
3. With the Great Minds (Ramanujan, Raman, Chandrasekhar, etc.)

Books in Kannada by Prof. GTN[edit]

1. Albert Einstein: Maanaveeya Mukha (Translation of Human Side of Albert Einstein)
2. Ullekhaneeya Einstein (Translation of Quotable Einstein)
3. Rishivaakya Vijnaana Kale(Contemplations on Philosophy and Science)
4. NCC Dinagalu (Memoirs)
5. Einstein baalidarilli (Scientific Biography)
6. Kuvempu Darshana Sandarshana
7. Krishna Vivaragalu (Black Holes)
8. Kodagina sumagalu (Folk tales)
9. Copernicus Kranti (History of Astronomy)
10. Chandrasekhar Parimiti (The Chandrasekhar Limit)
11. Jaataka mattu Bhavishya (Can we know tomorrow, today?)
12. Dhoomaketu (Comets)
13. Nakshatra Veekshane (Star-gazing)
14. Nava Karnataka Vijnaanapadavivarana Kosha (Ed. Science dictionary)
15. Ferma Yakshaprasne (Fermat’s Theorem)
16. Baanabayalata Grahana (Eclipses)
17. Mugiyada Payana (Unfinished Journey – autobiography)
18. Ramanujan Baalidarilli (Tragic Life of S.Ramanujan, the mathematical genius)
19. Vijnaana Saptharshigalu (Seven Greats of Science – Varahamihira, Leibniz, Gauss, Euler, Ramanaujan, Raman)
20. Visvada Kathe (The story of the Universe)
21. Vyjnaanika Manodharma (Scientific Temper)
22. Saptasaagaradaacheyello… (Conversations with Dr S.Chandrasekhar)
23. Savaalannu Edurisuva Chala (Meeting the challenge)
24. Subrhamanyan Chandrasekhar (Scientific Biography)
25. Supernova
26. Sooryana Saamraajya (The Solar System)
27. Vanasuma (Collection of Kannada Short Stories. Published by Vasanthamalike, Mangalore in 1951, 2nd print in 1952 and 3rd in 1953)


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biography of srinivasa ramanujan is by the present author. His aspirations and ambitions which are not yet fulfilled are taken up by a person known as Mr.G.R.Vishwanath, Who has written an article in Kannada monthly magazine- KASTURI.