G. Anand

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G. Anand
Born Tulagam, Srikakulam district
Genres Indian music, playback singing, composer
Occupation(s) Singer, composer
Years active 1972–1990
Labels swaramadhuri

Gedela Ananda Rao,[1] popularly abbreviated as G. Anand or called as Swaramadhuri, is a Telugu singer. His troupe 'Swara Madhuri' performed all over the world. He has given performances more than 6500.

Early life and career[edit]

Anand was born in Tulagam village in Srikakulam district. His father is a stage drama artist. He learned music from his father. His father used him to play in Mythological dramas. When his father play the role of Rama, he and his brother acted as Lava and Kusa. When he started his singing career, he has sung the songs in many festivals and functions in his neighborhood villages. Anand participated many competitions and won many prizes. In one of such competitions the judges are famous singers Sri.K.V.Mahadevan and S.P.Balasubrahmanyam. They observed his extraordinary performance and declared him as winner. After the show was over Sri.K.V.Mahadevan guru promised him to gave a chance in cinema.[2]

His best performances[edit]

He was given an opportunity to sing chorus in pandanti kaapuram (Telugu: పండంటి కాపురం) in 1972.

  • 1972 : Pandanti kaapuram (Telugu:పండంటి కాపురం)
  • 1976 : America Ammayi (Telugu:అమెరికా అమ్మాయి)
  • 1977 : Ame katha (Telugu:ఆమె కథ)
  • 1977 : Kalpana (Telugu:కల్పన)
  • 1977 : Dana veera Sura Karna (Telugu:దాన వీర శూర కర్ణ)
  • 1977 : Chakradhari (Telugu:చక్రధారి)
  • 1977 : Bangarakka (Telugu:బంగారక్క)
  • 1978 : mana Uri pandavulu (Telugu:మన ఊరి పాండవులు)
  • 1978 : Pranam khareedu (Telugu:ప్రాణం ఖరీదు)
  • 1979 : Tayaramma Bangarayya (Telugu:తాయారమ్మ బంగారయ్య)
  • 1987 : Gandhinagar rendava veedhi (Teluguvగాంధీనగర్ రెండవ వీధి)-music director
  • 1987 : Swatanthryaniki Upiri poyyandi (Telugu:స్వాతంత్ర్యానికి ఊపిరి పొయ్యండి) music director
  • 1990 : Rangavalli (Telugu:రంగవల్లి) music director

His career[edit]

After his first performance he stayed at madras in the house of Late Leelaraani. after some time he lived with Medisetty Apparao and sarathbabu. When the listening of the song in the function of the Actor chandramohan Sri Navatha krishnamraju gaaru introduced him to venkatesh garu. After the listening of the song venkatesh garu promised him to gave an offer to sing. they sent him to get ryrics from Devulapalli Krishna Sastry garu. after a week Devulapalli garu like his voice and wrote a recommendation letter to K.v.Mahadevan. He gave a chance to sing a song "oka venuvu vinipinchenu" in the movie "america ammayi"