G. Arthur Cooper

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G. Arthur Cooper
Born 1902
Died 2000
Nationality American
Fields Paleobiology
Institutions Smithsonian Institution
Notable awards Mary Clark Thompson Medal (1957)
Paleontological Society Medal (1964)
Daniel Giraud Elliot Medal (1979)
Penrose Medal (1983)

G. Arthur Cooper (1902-2000), was an American paleobiologist. In 1930 he got a job as Assistant Curator at Division of Stratigraphic Paleontology in United States National Museum. He was promoted to a Curator position in 1944 for Division of Invertebrate Paleontology. In 1957 he became the Head Curator of Department of Geology, and 6 years later became the chairman of the newly formed Department of Paleobiology. He became Senior Paleobiologist in 1967, after which he devoted his life to research. He retired in 1974 with Paleobiologist Emeritus title. He died in 2000.[1]


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