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Glenn Henry
Born (1942-07-26) July 26, 1942 (age 72)
Berkeley, California, USA
Residence Austin, Texas
Nationality American
Alma mater California State University, East Bay
Occupation Cofounder of Centaur Technology
Senior Vice President, Dell Computers

Glenn Henry, named G. Glenn Henry, is a computer industry executive, cofounder of Centaur Technology, and holder of multiple computer patents.[1][2] He was born in Berkeley, California, July 26, 1942.[3]


In 1966, he obtained a BS in mathematics degree from California State University, Hayward. The following year he took his MS in mathematics.[3]


Glenn Henry started his business career at IBM, where he worked for 21 years until 1988. He was the instigator, lead architect and development manager responsible for the IBM System/32, IBM System/38 (forerunner of AS/400), and RT/PC (forerunner of Power systems).[4]

He went to work for Dell in 1988.[5] In 1993 he was Dell's Senior Vice President in charge of products. While working there, he discovered that it was not possible to buy computer processors for less than $160 wholesale, thereby constraining the ultimate retail price of the resulting computer. In 1994 Henry left Dell and began working on a new Intel compatible design. Funding for this new processor was provided by IDT. Centaur Technologies Inc became part of this company. His first processor came to market in 1997. The company has since been taken over by VIA Technologies in 1999.


In 1985 IBM appointed him an IBM Fellow.[6]


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