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Geoffrey Russell Searle, born 1921, is a British historian, specialising in British nineteenth century history. He is Emeritus Professor at the University of East Anglia.[1]


  • The Quest for National Efficiency: A Study in British Politics and Political Thought, 1899-1914 (1971).
  • Eugenics and Politics in Britain, 1900-1914 (1976).
  • Corruption in British Politics, 1895-1930 (1987).
  • The Liberal Party (1992).
  • Entrepreneurial Politics in Mid-Victorian Britain (1993).
  • Country Before Party: Coalition and the Idea of National Government in Modern Britain, 1885-1987 (1995).
  • Morality and the Market in Victorian (1998).
  • A New England? Peace and War 1886-1918 (2004).