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For other uses, see GOD (disambiguation).
Origin South Korea
Genres R&B
Years active 1999-2005
Labels JYP Entertainment
CJ E&M Music
Members Son Ho-young
Kim Tae-woo
Danny Ahn
Park Joon Hyung
Yoon Kye Sang

G.O.D. (지오디) is a 5 member Korean pop music group. The name is an acronym for Groove Over Dose. They were one of the few groups to have an album become a "million seller" in K-pop.[citation needed] The members had gone on to solo careers after disbanding. However, they regrouped and made a come back in 2014.


As they are the most recent million album selling group in South Korea, they are often referred to as 'the Nation's idol', and considered 'Legends of K-Pop' with other first generation idols H.O.T. and SES, etc.

The group debuted with the single "어머님께" ("To Mother"). The music video featured actor Jang Hyuk. After winning the Daesang from the three major broadcasting systems in Korea for their multi-million selling 4th album, they began a "100-day Human Concert" where all the shows were sold out and each day had a different theme.

The five members also appeared in a Korean TV series, called "Baby Diary", in which they acted as a family to take care of a little baby named Han Jae Min. Every one of them had a duty (i.e. Son Ho Young acted as 'mommy' and Park Joon Hyung as 'daddy'). The TV series was huge success and widely popular.

G.O.D. recently announced that they will be reuniting in mid-March 2014 with a song produced by Duble Sidekick.[1]

On May 3, g.o.d surprised their fans by announcing their 15th anniversary concert through a TV advertisement which aired on Korean cable channel JTBC on May 3 followed by confirmation from SidusHQ. Yoon Kye Sang confirmed he would join the other G.O.D. members for the 15th anniversary album.

So, g.o.d reunited for their 15th anniversary project which consists of a pre-release song on May 8 ahead of their upcoming full-length album and concert at Jamsil Sports Complex on July 12–13. Their pre-release song is ' The Lone Duckling' (also 'The Ugly Duckling') and is a ballad song created by Duble Sidekick. All proceeds from the song will be donated to those suffering from the tragic Sewol ferry accident.

On July 1, they released a song 'Sky Blue Promise' for fans who waited for more than 10 years, hoping for god's comeback. (Sky blue is their fan club color, also this song is another fan song of god after their famous fan songs 'Sky Blue Balloon' and 'Into the Sky') This song got top of the 8 music charts.

On July 8, finally god made their successful comeback as 5 members, and released 8th album <Chapter 8>. There are 4 title songs and 14 songs in total.


Stage name Birth name Hangul Date of birth
Park Joon Hyung Park Joon-hyung 박준형 (1969-07-20) 20 July 1969 (age 45)
Yoon Kye Sang Yoon Kye-sang 윤계상 (1978-12-20) 20 December 1978 (age 35)
Danny Ahn Ahn Shin-won 안신원 (1978-12-22) 22 December 1978 (age 35)
Son Ho-young Son Ho-young 손호영 (1980-03-26) 26 March 1980 (age 34)
Kim Tae-woo Kim Tae-woo 김태우 (1981-05-12) 12 May 1981 (age 33)


Studio albums[edit]

  • 1999: Chapter 1 - Sales: 160,000+[2]
  • 1999: Chapter 2 - Sales: 578,567[3]
  • 2000: Chapter 3 Lies - Sales: 1,824,278+[4]
  • 2001: Chapter 4 Road - Sales 1,713,056+[5]
  • 2002: Chapter 5 Letter - Sales: 463,038[6]
  • 2004: An Ordinary Day - Sales: 213,187[7]
  • 2005: Into the Sky - Sales: 109,757[8]
  • 2014: Chapter 8


  • 2001 Live Concert


Golden Disk Awards[edit]

Year Category Work
2000 The Main Prize 3rd album <Chapter 3>[9]
2001 The Main Prize(Daesang) 4th album <Chapter 4>[10]

Seoul Music Awards(Seoul Gayo Daesang)[edit]

Year Category Work
2000 The Main Prize 3rd album <Chapter 3>
2001 The Main Prize 4th album <Chapter 4>

KBS Music Awards[edit]

Year Category Work
2000 The Main Prize(Daesang) 3rd album <Chapter 3>
2001 The Main Prize(Daesang) 4th album <Chapter 4>

MBC Music Awards[edit]

Year Category Work
2001 The Main Prize(Daesang) 4th album <Chapter 4>

Mnet Asian Music Awards[edit]

Year Category Work Result
1999 Best New Group "Dear Mother" (어머님께)[11] Nominated
Best Hip-Hop Performance Nominated
Best Music Director (for 인한) Nominated
2000 Best Male Group "Love and Remember"[12][13] Won
Best R&B Performance Nominated
2001 Most Popular Music Video (daesang) "Lie"[14] Won
Best Male Group Nominated
2002 "Road" (길)[15] Nominated
Special Jury Prize Nominated
2003 Best Male Group "Letter" (편지)[16] Nominated
2005 "Ordinary Day" (보통날)[17] Nominated

Music Show Awards[edit]


As of July 15, 2012, "Ingikayo" has abolished its ranking and award system.[18]

Year Date Song
2000 January 9 "사랑해 그리고 기억해" ("Love and Memory")
March 5 "애수" ("Sorrow")
March 12
March 19
April 9 "Friday Night"
April 16
April 23
December 3 "거짓말" ("Lies")
December 10
December 17
2001 February 4 "니가 필요해" ("I Need You")
February 11
December 9 "길" ("Road")
December 16
December 23
2002 January 27 "니가 있어야 할 곳" ("Place Where You Need To Be")
February 3
February 10
2003 March 2 "0%"
2005 January 9 "보통날" ("An Ordinary Day")
January 16
January 30 "반대가 끌리는 이유" ("The Reason Why Opposites Attract")
February 6
February 13
December 4 "2♡"

M! Countdown[edit]

Year Date Song
2005 January 27 "보통날" ("An Ordinary Day")

Music Bank[edit]

Year Date Song
2000 February 1 "사랑해 그리고 기억해" ("Love and Memory")
March 7 "애수" ("Sorrow")
March 14
April 11 "Friday Night"
April 18
April 25
November 30 "거짓말" ("Lies")
December 7
December 14

Music Camp[edit]

Year Date Song
2000 November 25 "거짓말" ("Lies")
December 9
December 16
2001 January 27 "니가 필요해" ("I Need You")
February 3
December 1 "길" ("Road")
December 8
December 15
December 22
2002 February 2 "니가 있어야 할 곳" ("Place Where You Need To Be")
February 9
2005 January 22 "보통날" ("An Ordinary Day")
January 29
February 19 "반대가 끌리는 이유" ("The Reason Why Opposites Attract")
March 5
November 19 "2♡"
November 26
December 3
December 10