G1211 Jilin–Heihe Expressway

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China Expwy G1211 sign with name.svg

Jilin–Heihe Expressway


Jihei Expressway
Route information
Auxiliary route of G12
Major junctions
South end: Jilin City, Jilin
North end: Heihe, Heilongjiang
Highway system
Transport in China
G12 G1212

The Jilin–Heihe Expressway (Chinese: 吉林—黑河高速公路), commonly referred to as the Jihei Expressway (Chinese: 吉黑高速公路), is a planned expressway that will connect the cities of Jilin City, Jilin, China, and Heihe, Heilongjiang.[1] Heihe is on the China–Russia border. However, there is no road bridge over the Amur River, which forms the border between the two countries, and a road connection is only available on the frozen river during the winter.

The expressway is a spur of G12 Hunchun–Ulanhot Expressway.


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