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G1 Jockey [1] [2] is a video game franchise developed and published by Koei that simulates horse racing from a jockey's perspective. Games have been released on the PlayStation, PlayStation 2, Playstation 3 and also on the Wii.

The original and its two sequels contain quick training race modes as well as a longer career mode. The racing itself has an emphasis on subtle strategy, e.g. playing with the horse's individual characteristics in mind. Horses individual characteristics include Front runner horses which prefer a spot in the top of the pack during the course of the race. Drop in horses which require a constant pace to reach its maximum potential for the final spurt. Drop out horses which require precise timing to make a move to the top and sprint down to the finish. Finally hold up horses which strength is to save up potential and start the spurt earlier than any other horse. This horse favors a quick pace race to demonstrate its full abilities.

The third game of the series, G1 Jockey 3, launched the Koei series into the spotlight.

The Wii releases ('G 1 Jockey' and 'G 1 Jockey 2008') do not follow the same numbering structure as those released on Playstation consoles.

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