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For the current Group of 33 developing nations, see G33 (developing countries).
For other uses of G33, see G33 (disambiguation).

The Group of 33 was an international grouping that existed briefly in 1999, comprising the thirty-three leading national economies of the world.

It superseded the Group of 22 in early 1999, and was itself superseded by the present Group of 20 later that year. A number of G33 meetings on the international financial system were held at the initiative of the finance ministers and central bank governors of the G7. The first meeting was held in Bonn, Germany in 1999.[1]

Members of the previous G33.

The previous Group of 33 consisted of the finance ministers and central bank governors of:

  1.  Argentina
  2.  Australia
  3.  Belgium
  4.  Brazil
  5.  Canada
  6.  Chile
  7.  China
  8.  Ivory Coast
  9.  Egypt
  10.  France
  11.  Germany
  12.  Hong Kong (autonomous territory)
  13.  India
  14.  Indonesia
  15.  Italy
  16.  Japan
  17.  Malaysia
  18.  Mexico
  19.  Morocco
  20.  Netherlands
  21.  Poland
  22.  Russia
  23.  Saudi Arabia
  24.  Singapore
  25.  South Africa
  26.  South Korea
  27.  Spain
  28.  Sweden
  29.  Switzerland
  30.  Thailand
  31.  Turkey
  32.  United Kingdom
  33.  United States